We were presented with this Audi A3 last week suffering from DSG Gearbox faults. The vehicle would drive fine for a while then suddenly display erratic gear changes and juddering when pulling away. We scanned the gearbox ECU and it came back with 2 fault codes. The 1st fault code was 005636/P1604 Internal Control Module and the 2nd fault was 006300/P189C Function restriction due to insufficient pressure build up. We carried out the Audi test plan using the Factory Audi Odis system. The fault indicated an issue with the DSG Gearbox Mechatronic control unit.

We removed this unit to inspect the gear selectors and also discovered that one of the gearbox selectors had jammed and broken causing severe damage to the selector mechanism. We had to overhaul the gearbox and fit a new DSG Mechatronic unit. Once the basic settings, adaptions and coding was done it was time for an extended road test to teach in the new settings. Here at AAR we have many specialist tools and diagnostic equipment at our disposal to get to a quick diagnosis when dealing with these type of faults. The DSG Gearboxes come in 2 variants DQ200 or the DQ250. The gearboxes have twin clutch packs fitted and can either be dry clutch type or wet clutch type. We are able to help with both types and are always happy to help with any enquiry.

Many Thanks

Alan Newman

Company Director.