VW Tiguan gearbox shift issues.


We were presented with this VW Tiguan in last week with a traction control light flashing and erratic gear changes through the DSG Gearbox. We ran a diagnostic check on the vehicle and discovered a pump fault code 00448 stored. On closer examination and with the pump removed it was clear that the filter had become blocked and the pump had failed. We flushed the haldex system through 1st before fitting a new pump and replacing the haldex oil. When this fault occurs Traction control light flashing and loss of power is present. As an Audi-VW Specialist based in Bournemouth we are able to diagnose and carry out the necessary repairs including the basic settings of the new pump once installed. If this fault is left untreated the repair could be very expensive, here at AAR we offer Haldex servicing at very competitive rates and this includes removing the pump to clean the problem filter. We offer a personal service using only genuine parts, and are always here to help. These filters should be serviced now every 20,000 miles and we have seen plenty over the past year failing.

If your Quattro or 4 motion is suffering these symptoms then please get in touch on 01202 487714 and we shall gladly assist.


Many thanks Alan Newman

Owner at AAR